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Wrestlers Responsibility

Wrestlers are expected to stay in the wrestling room at all times and must ask for coach’s permission to leave.
Any wrestler who has a skin infection must notify the coaches prior to practice. At minimum, you will not be allowed to practice for the day but a alternate weight workout will be assigned. Failure to notify coaches could result in termination of your session.

All wrestlers must have their own headgear and must be worn at all times (please put name inside headgear).
Wrestler must take home all of their workout gear the night of practice. If a wrestler leaves an article behind it is not the responsibility of the caching staff.

No horseplay will be tolerated at any practice. Any behavior that is disruptive you may be asked to leave for the practice. Continuous issues at practice and you may be asked to leave the club.

Wrestlers are asked to bring water bottles, but must pick them up after practice.

Wrestlers are asked to be ready at the time scheduled for practice.

Only wrestlers who are registered with the doughboy wrestling club may attend classes.

No one is permitted to wear sneakers on the mat. You must take your sneakers off at the door.

Doughboy wrestlers who have single t's are asked to not wear them during a local event. As we try to keep good relationships with the youth programs. I urge you to wear the uniform of your local youth program.

Doughboys are expected to act in a sportsmanlike manner at all practices, meets, tournaments and any other wrestling functions. Un-sportsmanlike attitude will not be tolerated.


Parents Responsibility

No parent is allowed in the wrestling room during practice. We try to keep parents in the designated areas
Refrain from sideline coaching during matches and tournaments due to the confusion of the child. The coaching staff only has one thing in mind and that is the best interest of your child.

Accept decisions of the officials. It is tough to be an official if a call is made that is unfavorable let the coach handle it. They will do their best to get it resolved.

Remember it is tougher on the child who loses. When they lose be supportive in a loss. Wrestling is different then any other sport since it is an individual sport. The pride sometimes gets broken and the wrestler is down in defeat and they are probably more discouraged that they lost in front of you. So be supportive.

Speak with a coach if you have a concern. We are here for your child and want the best for them.

Remember no special matches up will be done during practices, we are one when we practice at Doughboys and coach’s will not favor a wrestler or try to avoid match ups. Wrestlers are at the club to wrestle each other. No exceptions.

Again feel free to talk with the coach at anytime or to talk about childs needs and a game plan on to make them stronger.

Again Doughboy Wrestling Club is not a youth organization or a participant of the big east. We urge all parents and wrestlers to join a local club to help with the wrestlers in your town.

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