Summer Session Overview

The Summer program will consist of repetition and mastering a few go to moves for the athletes. Chain drilling will be emphasized and the student athletes will train how to be several steps ahead of their opponents. Good foundation skills and basic positioning is always sharpened during the session. This year due to MA high school season ending in June we will be just going on a month to month basis throughout mid August. We will be integrating freestyle and working throughout the  summer to get ready for FARGO! There will be no walk in's allowed at this time. 

Doughboy Practice Schedule

Doughboy Wrestling Club Schedule

High School Spring Session

July -August 15th







9:30am-11:00am ( Folk Style)

The cost of the session will be $125 for the month and will include all 3 days.

There will be no walk ins allowed during the this time due to restrictions. We will have limited space and will start a waiting list if needed.

Sunday only classes will resume and only will be $75/month.

Youth - Summer Session

Month to Month
 **July times will be on TUE & THU 6to715pm. Youth will take a break for August and start back up in September

Tuesday & Thursday

4th to 8th grade

6:00-7:15pm (Tue)


The cost of the session will be $100per month and $175 for two children. We will continue with Freestyle one night a week and the other folkstyle.


There will be an option for one night a week. No walks will be allowed. 

Girls Freestyle- 

** We will schedule one month at a time** We will run through the month of July taking a month break in August. High School girls can continue in the regular sunday classes for August.



3rd thru High School


The cost of this session is $50.00per month​.  It will provide them with the fundamentals of freestyle wrestling.