Spring Session Overview

The Spring program consists of building new techniques for the athletes and puts emphasis on their foundation and being able to put all the moves together. Chain drilling will be emphasized and the student athletes will train how to be several steps ahead of their opponents. Good foundation skills and basic positioning is always sharpened during the session. The spring session also includes development in the Olympic styles which will help expose the athlete to new techniques increasing their cognitive growth in the sport.  The cost of the spring  session will be $325 and will include the full schedule. 

Doughboy Practice Schedule

Doughboy Wrestling Club Schedule

High School - Spring Session

March 16th - June 4th






Technique, All 3 Phases, Circuit Training


No Classes

Privates, Workouts for Team Events



Technique, Live, Circuit Training



Technique, Situational Live

** Please note that there is no class on Sunday May 31, 2020 which is the date of our annual scholarship banquet.


The Spring session will be an all-inclusive schedule for our athletes.  They will be able to maximize this schedule to their full benefit. All athletes will be highly encouraged to make sure they make at least 2 practices during  each week. After registration the groups could be subject to change or split depending on space. 

During the spring we will focus on transitional wrestling and developing new techniques in all three phases. We will continue to emphasis strength building and bulking up. The spring we will also continue with the olympic styles to get ready to compete in upcoming state held events.


The cost of the spring session will be $325 and will include the full schedule and a t-shirt. The cost for two children will be $475. For spring athletes you can sign up for the Sunday only “Wake Up” workout and the cost is $175. Sunday Session starts March 15th running until May 24th. If the athlete just wants to do Monday night with freestyle the cost is $200

There will be no walk ins allowed during the week classes for high school athletes. The practices are designed to build on one another. 

Walk ins will be allowed on Sundays! $20 cash for a walk in on Sunday. 

Youth - Spring Session

Monday 3/16/2020 - Thursday 5/21/2020



5th to 8th grade

The cost of the session will be $225 and $300 for two children. 

For one night a week the cost will be $175. Depending on-class size this group may split and time adjusted. 

The Spring Youth Session will start right up on March 16th and run Monday and Thursday until May 21st. The spring session will include Freestyle on Monday night so the kids can learn and compete in the Omlympic styles and we will have a dedicated theme folkstyle on Thursday night. Please have your son or daughter attend the practice at their age group. If a younger grade wrestler would like to get into this program you need to speak with coach marshall (marshall@doughboywrestling.com)

Youth- Spring Session

March/17th/2020 - May/19th/2020

Tuesdays Only


1st to 4th grade


The cost of this session is $175.00​. It will run from March 17th until May 19th for kids enrolled in grades 1st through 4th. 

Girls Introduction to Freestyle- Spring Session

March/17th/2020 - May/19th/2020

Tuesdays Only


2nd to 8th grade


The cost of this session is $175.00​. It will run from March 17th until May 19th for girls enrolled in grades 2nd to 8th grade. It will provide them with the fundamentals of freestyle wrestling. **Team Doughgirl which is all grades will practice on Sunday morning from 8:00 a.m to 9:00 a.m. See Coach Deheny for info for Team Doughg

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