Spring Session Overview

Spring session is a time to focus on new techniques and continue with the excitement that the season brought. Wrestlers can maximize the schedule to their benefit learning freestyle/greco while also retooling there Folkstyle learning new moves to build for the next season. Fundamentals will be emphasized with several neutral series of set ups and finishes. Several top skills will be added this spring to help maximize their scoring potential with a constant mindset of no one holds them down. Chain drilling and transition scoring will be consistent throughout the weeks.

High School Sundays will be focused on situational drilling and techniques that are worked on during the week.

Doughboy Practice Schedule

Doughboy Wrestling Club Schedule

High School Sunday Session

March 6th to May 22nd
9:30am to 11am




9:30am-11:00am ( Folk Style)

Sunday only classes will resume and will be $200 for Sundays only.

Youth - Spring Session

April 25th thru May 26th

Monday & Thursday  

3rd to 8th 


*exp 8th grader are encouraged to sign up for high school

The cost of the session will be $200. Eighth graders who attend all 3 classes must sign up for high school

High School-Spring Session

Monday February 28th until Thursday May 26th 

                         MONDAY & Wednesday
                                         7:15-8:45pm Freestyle

                         TUESDAY & THURSDAY
                                         7:30-9pm Folkstyle

                                              9:30am to 11AM
The cost of the session will be $350 for either folkstyle or freestyle

Girls Freestyle- 

** We will schedule one month at a time** Girls who are enrolled in either a high school or youth session may attend Sunday for free. 



3rd thru High School


The cost of this session is $50.00per month​.  It will provide them with the fundamentals of freestyle wrestling.