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Spring Session Overview

Spring is a great time to maintain momentum. We'll keep raising the bar for technique and encouraging growth in strength and speed. The goal of the spring program is to reinforce the fundamentals, with a focus on maintaining good position. There will be a number of new neutral scoring set-ups and finishers that are implemented. To help them reach their full scoring potential and maintain the attitude that nothing can stop them, a number of elite series will be added. Throughout the weeks, transition scoring and chain drills will remain constant. While it is not necessary, experience is advised. Every learner has unique aptitudes and skill levels. Usually, the most important factor in determining a student's likelihood of success is maturity.

Doughboy Practice Schedule

Doughboy Wrestling Club Schedule

Youth - SPRING Session
    ** Mon & WED**
    Mar 4th to May 22nd
Youth -Winter Session
    *** TUE & THU ***

    Nov 28th to Feb 29th  
 **These classes are coed and all female        youth wrestlers should attend
*** Both experience and inexperience can determine class for the wrestler upon coaches discretion!



Monday & Wednesday

1st-4th grade *


5th to 8th grade


The cost of the session will be $275 or 1night a week $200

**.8th graders with experience will be encouraged to attend the High School session**

*Youth Classes are coed and starting April we will introduce kids to freestyle on Monday nights***

*** New wrestlers in Kto4 will be encrougaged to attend the Logan Rascal Summer Camp in June/July please email

High School Spring Sessions
Folkstyle or Freestyle

** March 4th - May 23rd ***
     12 Weeks 

                     TUESDAY & THURSDAY                         FOLKSTYLE
                             6-730pm 100lb-150lb                                        7:30-9pm 155lbs -HWT   
Monday & Wednesday
      7:30-9pm All weight classes
Sunday  9:30am to 11AM All weight classes
        The cost of the session will be $350 for 1 child for either wrestling style.                    To include both styles the cost will be $450.
 Either Freestyle and Folkstyle includes the Sunday Workout. 
    **Please note this year we will be seperating the wrestlers in the Folkstyle class by weights. Please see the designated time for your weight class.

High School Sunday Session

Feb 25 to May 19th
9:30am to 11am

*** No Classes on Easter Sunday March 31



9:30am-11:00am ( Folk Style)

    Sunday only classes will resume and will be $225 for Sundays only.

Sunday classes is a good opportunity for the busy student athlete a chance to get on the mat. Technique covered from the week is reviewed and adjusted. 

During the High School season the focus will be on getting a good drill and covering avdanced techniques for post season. Limited live 

Girls Freestyle- 

Sunday 8:30-9:30am
** We will be adding additional classes for Freestyle. All girls are encouraged to sign up for the High School Sessions which are COED*

**Girls who are enrolled in either a high school or youth session may attend Sunday girls freestyle for free. 
*Rolling Monthly Schedule

** No Classes Easter Day & Memorial Day Weekend.



6th grade thru High School

*experienced 5th grade may inquire


$75/month recurring


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